TunnelVision Takes Over Basel

12/07/2017 04:16 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2017
Envy Of The World
Dexter R. Jones
Envy Of The World

TunnelVision and NoirBNB have partnered together to interactively showcase Black Contemporary Art at Art Basel Miami. Titled “As Is” this art experience will be the first ever at Art Basel to feature all contemporary black artists, bringing a unique perspective to a renowned, international art fair. TunnelVision, is a collective and artist agency for contemporary black artists and NoirBNB is a travel agency dedicated to cultivating the experience of future black travel for African Americans across the world.

These two businesses are a match made in heaven and both strive to create safe spaces for artists to freely create, and impact black culture. This showcase will feature a collective of artists from a variety of mediums — from visual works, to experiential audio. The overall theme of the show focuses on the artist never trying to be; simply existing as is, burdens lifted, layers removed. The idea of stripping oneself of internal perfection is what unites each artist.

Through “As Is”, Art dealer & TunnelVision Founder James Malone, will show the world different creatives ranging from film and paint, to digital illustration and other forms of creative expression. The lineup includes TunnelVision artists: Stephen Smallwarner, Sophia Dawson, Dexter R. Jones, Geminelle Rollins, DJ Captain Plug, Berchelle Egerton and Joe Hendrix. “As Is” will also feature artists; Marcus Prime, James Thigpen, Jazmine Hayes, Goblin, Laurent Chevalier, and DJ Underdog.

Through this showcase at NoirBNB’s art and music festival “Yard x Basel”, TunnelVision is shedding light on the beauty of black art and culture in a very creative and positive way. This outing will take place on Friday, December 8th in Hialeah, Florida. Showtime is at 6 pm and will not end until 2 am. To attend one of the most liberating events at Art Basel Miami, visit NOIRBNB.COM/YARDXBASEL .

Tunnel Vision & Noibnb
Yard x Basel
Tunnel Vision & Noibnb
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