02/01/2018 04:24 pm ET

These 14 Essentials For a Cozy Night In Are Just What Your Valentine Ordered

Take Netflix and chill to the next level 💘
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Not everybody enjoys gussying up on Valentine’s Day to head to a restaurant so overcrowded you can eavesdrop on the couple sitting next to you. Sometimes we just want to skip the cheesiness and have a quiet night in with our person, just be ourselves, and enjoy each other’s company without the added frills.

Just because you’re opting to ditch the little black dress and cocktails in favor of PJs and Trader Joe’s wine doesn’t mean you can’t plan something special for a romantic night in.

Whether you’re cozying up under the comfiest blanket for a Netflix and chill sesh, or cooking a romantic dinner with your favorite $10 bottle of wine, these essentials will make your Valentine’s night in the coziest one yet:

  • A pair of classic bathrobes
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  • This candle to let them know how you really feel
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  • These leggings that are both comfy and cute
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  • Bath salts to take your bath game to the next level
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  • Chocolates, because what would a Valentine's Day be without them?
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  • A cute set of mugs to wake up the next day with
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  • This plush throw to amp up your Netflix & Chill sesh
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  • Massage oil to bring the spa home
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  • Bath bombs because regular baths are boring
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  • An Amazon Prime video membership to "watch" all the movies
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  • These waffle slippers so you're comfy from head to toe
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  • A bottle or three of wine to keep the night going
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  • Sexy yet ethical lingerie to spice things up for the night-in
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  • And these fancy wine glasses to emulate that restaurant feel without the overpriced check
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