Vive La France and President Macron!

06/03/2017 05:20 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2017

France's newly elected President Emmanuel Macron has taken his place on the world stage and pulls no punches – or hand-shakes. To hear commentators say it was a hand-shake that sparked the Trump feud when Macron held on to Trump's little hand with his white knuckle grip is misleading. – The feud really began when Trump, along with the Russians, that's right our American President along with the Russians tried to get Macron's obstructionist/opponent elected which would have caused as much harm to France as Trump has caused as President of the United States. If that had happened, our treasured Atlantic Alliance, NATO, would really be in trouble for France too would have had a president who is aligned with Putin and in support of all Putin's initiatives, such as trashing all western alliances including NATO. Something Trump can not do all by himself. Following World War Two the United States led the formation of NATO to protect all our Democracies and it resulted in the longest period of peace in Europe since the French Revolution. Article 5, the one for all and the all for one rule has protected our country much beyond even our own military strength. In fact, the only time Article 5 has been invoked was after 9-11 when all Member countries of NATO came to the aid of the United States. And to now see our President not re-affirm our commitment to Article 5 and to NATO can only be described as despicable and UN- American.

Macron made France proud when their new Leader Trumped Trump

Many Europeans as well as many Americans were heartened to see President Macron stand up to Trump in view of Trump's terrible actions and disrespect to our long time European Allies. It was good to see that Trump, the mental midget puppet of Putin, is no intellectual match for Macron. That hand-shake of Macron told Trump -I know what you and the Russians tried to do and you failed! Vive La France for the people of France, unlike the United States, won with the right choice. President Macron's hand-shake amounted to a Spring Board that propelled Macron into the consciousness of many Americans as he entered the hierarchy of true World Leaders. Trump proved, while in Europe, he is no World Leader and as long as he is president of the United States, we Americans will have to look towards our European Leaders such as Macron and Angela Merkel to take on some of America's fights such as Global Warming.

The Great Melting Pot

America, the great melting pot of the world. It used to be all anyone in the world had to do was to get here for freedom to ring. We were the welcoming voice to the world that inspired France to gift us with the Statue of Liberty. This writer's great grandfather arrived at Ellis Island in the belief that the streets in America were paved with gold; however, upon arrival he quickly discovered not only were the streets not paved with gold, but that they were not paved at all, and worse yet, he, along with all the other migrants at that time- were expected to pave them! And that was fine because they were here in America -the great land of opportunity that welcomes all seeking a better life. In turn they enriched our country and became the life blood of America, they made America what it is today and America can only continue-on with the life blood of today's migrants from wherever they come if freedom and a better life is what they seek. That's the America we are, for we are France, Germany, Italy, and all of Europe and Great Britain for we are it's sons and daughters.

Do Not Lose Heart with America

America is now in trouble and is in need of our Allies to not lose heart with us for we have not changed, only our president has changed, but he has not changed us. Trump, no matter how determined, will not change our country into something it has never been -and never will be! We have always been a country of open doors -he wants walls -and that'll never happen. We have always welcomed the people of the world to our shores and that's never going to change -despite Trump's small minded thinking. America has always been there for others, and the welfare of others. Trump has proven to only be interested in enriching himself and his family. Trump will eventually be gone, meanwhile it is truly sad to now read the welcoming inscription on the Statue of Liberty and to hear Trump’s continuing UN-American unwelcoming words of hostility.

Trump's Days are Numbered

Trump will not be president for very long because he doesn't represent American Values and the illegal actions of his Russian involvement will eventually be proven by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Its only a matter of time before Trump's crimes against our country ultimately drive Trump from office. The resiliency of the American Spirit; however, will not diminish in the difficult process that will emerge, but instead will grow stronger as a result of exposing and finally freeing our country of a corrupt Trump Presidency.

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