'Walking Dead' Producer Gives Cryptic Tweet More Cryptic Response

"Walking Dead" executive producer David Alpert weighs in on all that Andrew Lincoln speculation.

Are we actually losing Andrew Lincoln and his glorious beard in Season 9 of “The Walking Dead”?

It’s sure looking that way. 

Following a report in May from Collider that actor Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, aka the bearded one, aka the Ricktator, aka the person the whole show is about, was leaving the show, all hell broke loose online.

The topic of Lincoln’s departure immediately started trending on Twitter, and numerous other reports supposedly confirmed Lincoln’s exit was imminent.

After all the hoopla played out over the next days and weeks, “The Walking Dead” Twitter account sent out a cryptic tweet saying, “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

And we were all like, “What?”

Is this about Lincoln? Is this about something else? We want the truth!

It appears now that tweet was definitely about the reports on Lincoln. In a conversation with “Walking Dead” executive producer David Alpert, we asked him what the tweet meant.

Alpert said, “Everything grows, everything changes, but Andy’s central to the brand and central to who we are. But things grow and change.” Then he admitted he didn’t really know how to respond.

It’s a cryptic answer to a cryptic tweet and one that certainly doesn’t bode well for Lincoln’s future on the show.

We also asked Alpert about his response to the reports of Lincoln’s departure, and he wouldn’t comment, with his publicist saying to just stay tuned for the Comic-Con panel Friday. 



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