08/16/2017 07:03 am ET

Wednesday's Morning Email: The Fallout From Trump's Defense Of 'Both Sides'

And his comments on the "alt-left."
Kevin Lamarque / Reuters


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THE AFTERMATH OF TRUMP’S DEFENSE OF ‘BOTH SIDES’ “President Donald Trump spoke again Tuesday on the white supremacist conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia, defending his much-criticized initial statement on the protests and offering an even stronger critique of demonstrators and the causes they fought for during the violent weekend gathering.” Trump was clear to say there was violence on “both sides” and referenced the “alt-left.” You can watch the speech here, which white nationalists praised and politicians rushed to condemn. CNN commentator Van Jones was tearfully at a loss at the president’s words, Anderson Cooper opened his show with blistering commentary, and Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer called Trump’s speech “a moral disgrace.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

HOW MUCH THE OBAMACARE SABOTAGE WILL COST “Federal spending would spike by almost $200 billion and the insurance market would be shaken up for insurers and consumers alike if President Donald Trump follows through with his threats to cut off payments that the government owes health insurance companies, the Congressional Budget Office concludes in a report published Tuesday.” [HuffPost]

ANTI-TRANS ‘BATHROOM BILL’ DEAD IN TEXAS After the Texas House adjourned and ended its special legislative session. [Reuters]

THE TINY PARK WHERE FAMILIES SEPARATED BY THE BORDER CAN REUNITE, ALMOST Just another family get together — with border guards and triple-reinforced steel beams. [HuffPost]

A CLOSER LOOK AT MIKE PENCE’S FUNDRAISING Which is at unprecedented levels for a sitting Vice President in modern-day politics. [HuffPost]

THE FEDS WANT THE VISITOR RECORDS FOR A SITE LINKED TO TRUMP PROTESTS “The request is so broad it seems like the administration is trying to obtain ‘an enemies list,’ one legal expert said.” [HuffPost]


A THIRD WOMAN HAS ACCUSED ROMAN POLANSKI OF SEXUAL ABUSE She alleges the incident occurred in 1973. [HuffPost]

‘BACHELOR IN PARADISE’ TOOK A PAGE OUT OF THE TRUMP PLAYBOOK And blamed the media for its production shutdown. [HuffPost]

THE NAME’S CRAIG, DANIEL CRAIG And he’ll be back for another 007 run. [HuffPost]

WE ARE HAVING NIGHTMARES After looking at this photo of a Chick-Fil-A sandwich that allegedly had a rodent baked into it. [HuffPost]

JESSICA CHASTAIN + AARON SORKIN + HIGH-STAKES POKER Need we say more about the first trailer for “Molly’s Game?” [HuffPost]

‘THE INSIDE STORY OF HOW CONGRESS SENT THE STOCK MARKET TUMBLING’ On this week’s “Candidate Confessional,” the team takes a look at the failed September 2008 vote on a $700 billion relief bill. [HuffPost]