01/24/2018 07:16 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2018

Wednesday's Morning Email: Trump Reportedly Asked The Acting FBI Director Who He Voted For

Leaving Andrew McCabe, now the bureau’s deputy director, feeling “disturbed.”
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters


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TRUMP REPORTEDLY ASKED THE ACTING FBI DIRECTOR WHO HE VOTED FOR Leaving Andrew McCabe, now the bureau’s deputy director, feeling “disturbed.” The news comes as Axios reports FBI Director Christopher Wray was pressured by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at the urging of Trump, to fire McCabe. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

SPECIAL COUNSEL ROBERT MUELLER HAS INTERVIEWED FORMER FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY AND SESSIONS Making Sessions the first Cabinet member to be interviewed. And Mueller reportedly wants to talk to Trump about the Comey and Michael Flynn departures. [HuffPost]

TWO KENTUCKY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ARE DEAD And more than a dozen injured after a 15-year-old opened fire Tuesday morning. This is the second high school shooting in two days, and the 11th school shooting since the beginning of the year. [HuffPost]

THE NCAA WILL INVESTIGATE WHAT MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY KNEW ABOUT THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST LARRY NASSAR More than 100 women have read victim statements about Nassar’s alleged sexual abuse over decades. A Michigan State University trustee dismissed the idea that MSU’s president should resign, saying, “There’s so many more things going on at the university than just this Nassar thing.” [HuffPost]

REPUBLICAN REP. PAT MEEHAN BLAMED OBAMACARE FOR BEHAVIOR AN AIDE SAID WAS SEXUAL HARASSMENT The Pennsylvania congressman also called said aide, who was several decades younger, his soul mate. [HuffPost]

FIVE WOMEN SUE MONSTER ENERGY OVER ABUSIVE CULTURE “The women say they were bullied, harassed and even assaulted. They’re out of work, but the men who allegedly behaved badly? They still have jobs.” [HuffPost]

CONGRATS TO ILLINOIS SEN. TAMMY DUCKWORTH (D) ON HER HISTORIC PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT She will be the first senator to give birth while in office. [HuffPost]


THE OSCAR NOMINATIONS ARE FINALLY HERE “The Shape of Water” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” racked up the most nods, while “Wonder Woman” and Tiffany Haddish are among the snubs. Check out the full list of who is vying for the little gold men statues here. Meryl Streep broke her own Oscar record with her 21st nomination, nominations for “Mudbound” grant Netflix entry to the big leagues, Greta Gerwig became the fifth woman ever to be nominated for Best Director, and the award for best Oscar nomination reaction goes to Jordan Peele. [HuffPost]

‘JAMES FRANCO MADE A BRAND OUT OF HIS SEXUALITY’ “Now he’s an alleged harasser without an Oscar nomination.” [HuffPost]

WE HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU But yes, that viral “Friends” movie trailer is a fraud meant to crush your dreams. [HuffPost]

TURNS OUT YOU MAYBE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN WASHING YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP AFTER ALL As people who swear might be happier, healthier and more honest. [HuffPost]

WHY PEOPLE SAY ‘DON’T LET THE BEDBUGS BITE’ Which should give us all nightmares. [HuffPost]

KIM KARDASHIAN HAS CONFIRMED SHE IS SELF-ABSORBED Golly gee, can’t imagine that. [HuffPost]


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