02/27/2016 10:14 am ET

Sorry Everyone, This Jacket Is The New #TheDress

We know. We KNOW.

Hey, remember #TheDress? Of course you do -- looking around, you can see the empty spaces once filled by the friends and loved ones lost over arguments of white and gold versus black and blue.

We’ve got bad news: The carnage might not be over. Friday, exactly one year after #TheDress drama, Buzzfeed drew the Internet’s attention to this Tumblr post:

The jacket, in real life, is blue and white, California teen high schooler Mariam Kabba told ABC News. After a friend disagreed, insisting that the photo looked black and brown, a third friend, Nina Penzo, posted the above image to Tumblr. (Some people online have also said it looks green and brown or green and gold.)

"I had no intention of it blowing up," Penzo told the network. “I didn’t think it would get as big as it did.”

The timing here is a little eerie, given it’s exactly one year after the great #TheDress debacle of 2015. Is it just a coincidence? Did Penzo wait to post the photo until #TheDress’ anniversary? Is this a Masonic conspiracy by the same people who some believe turned JonBenet Ramsey into Katy Perry?

We may never know for sure. And we might not much care. As the Irish Examiner aptly pointed out, people seem a lot less interested in arguing over #TheJacket than they did #TheDress. Many cite sheer exhaustion over the pointless color-based arguments.

We can sympathize. But… what color do you see?



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