What Have Muslims Done For America And The World?

It’s no secret that Islamophobia is at an all time high in the United States. This is (at least in part) thanks to President Trump, who has made an enduring promise to enforce his travel ban against Muslims seeking entry to the United States. While the ban doesn’t fully comprehend the vast majority of facts around domestic terrorism, it instills an air of animosity in Trump’s most die-hard supporters.

For everyone else, the ban is a violation of human rights. We’re hoping that if you’re here reading this article, you already knew that. But just in case, take a look at this. Aside from the reductive reasoning that everyone who belongs to a certain religion could be suspect, the ban doesn’t take into account the various contributions of Muslims to America and the world.

So allow Question Time to break it down for you. In the above video the YouTuber makes it very clear that some of your favorite pieces of technology, people, and food come from Muslim descent. iPhones and Coffee? Yup, those wouldn’t be here without Muslims.

Next time someone brings up the idea that Muslims are just terrorists maybe give them some of the handy information in this video. Although anyone who needs further convincing against the Muslim ban other than “it’s inhumane” might be a lost cause.

Either way, enjoy the knowledge folks.