04/19/2017 06:01 am ET Updated Apr 19, 2017

Here's How White Asparagus Is Different From Green Asparagus


Humans have come up with all sorts of ways to make food even more delicious, and white asparagus is proof of that. White asparagus, which is only available during the spring months, is the same as green asparagus only it’s grown under a mound of dirt. 

When the spears begin to stick out of the ground, producers will cover them with dirt or black plastic to keep them in the dark. This limit on sun exposure inhibits the production of chlorophyll, which is what makes asparagus normally turn green. It also results in a milder flavor.

Green asparagus has a slightly grassy flavor, while white asparagus tends to be sweeter. It’s also more fibrous, so it has to be peeled before cooking. Once you do that though, you can go ahead and eat all the white asparagus with the help of these delicious recipes below.