08/23/2017 04:38 pm ET Updated Sep 08, 2017

What To Pack For A Solo Trip

Repeat after me: Less is more.

When it comes to solo travel, less is more. Literally. 

That’s because you’re the only one who’s there to lug around your belongings, so packing practically is the name of the game. Say goodbye to packing “maybes” and focus instead on the bare essentials you’ll absolutely use.

Whether you’re camping for the weekend, backpacking across Europe, or road tripping across the states for some important self-reflection, you’ll want to focus on packing on the necessities.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the ultimate solo travel list. From comfy live-in leggings to multipurpose essentials like sneakers and a scarf with pockets, you’ll be set for your next Cheryl Strayed-inspired adventure.

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