Why I'm Changing My Name To Hank Parker in Trump's White America

It goes beyond my obsession with the word “cuck”

Yesterday I shot a piece called, “Who’s to Blame for President Trump?” and in the piece, I featured my alter-alt-right ego: Hank Parker. Hank likes 4chan, Pepe the Frog, Milo Yiannopoulos, the alt right movement, shitposting, calling people cucks, cranking it to old pictures of Melania Trump, spewing racism from his egg Twitter account, and lastly, Supreme Leader Donald Trump.

Meme Magic.
Meme Magic.

Hank is the epitome of what Hillary and her supporters would call a deplorable. Hank is now the white-man’s skin I wear to protect myself from future conflicts that will arise in the divided nation we are becoming. Hank is my satirical white persona, it’s my coping mechanism against the reality that America may not be my country anymore.

Hank upset a lot of people. Go read the comments, they’re hilarious. Some thought it was white-face. Some thought it was incredibly stupid. Almost everyone overlooked the points I made, and that is my fault. This may shock you but I am not an expert in satire. So I will try to help you understand why some Americans are in denial and refuse to accept Trump as their president in this written format.

All I have to say is this. I hate Hillary Clinton. I despise Donald trump. Both would have been terrible for the world in different ways. Clinton would've been "business as usual" continuing with Washington D.C./ corporate corruption which would delay an inevitable revolution. Trump may exacerbate it, but at what cost?

I don't usually bring up my background because I think identity politics (with exceptions like institutionalized racism and civil liberties) is sometimes used as weaponized victimhood. But I'm culturally Muslim. My whole family's Muslim. They're all still living in Turkey right now. While we may not "look like the rest of them" we are still from that “conflict area” and now our future in America is uncertain.

Just like I never turned a blind eye to Hillary's corruption I cannot turn a blind eye to Donald's demagoguery. Of course, not all of his silent majority was fueled by racism, but even dog whistling to the racists (whether it was tactical or not) was unacceptable and set back our country's social progress greatly. The only reason I mention this, and I never will again, is because I don't think it's frivolous to overlook the segregative sentiment Trump used no matter what his motivations were. We’re already seeing the outcome of that. I’m also not claiming that it’s only white people that are perpetuating this segregation. We are all playing our part in the cycle of hatred, but Trump’s rise to power as a “Big Fuck You” to the status quo and social progress and some American’s couldn’t feel comfortable taking that stance through Trump as it directly conflicted with their core beliefs.

One of the many reasons why some people had a hard time supporting Trump.
One of the many reasons why some people had a hard time supporting Trump.

I've also followed Trump’s policy promises closely throughout this election. I went through his 100 day promise line by line. I will admit there's a lot of great anti-establishment language in there. A lot I agree with. But then there's a lot more I disagree with. The biggest fear I now have is Donald's SCOTUS pick, paired with full Republican control over congress and the Dems are weaker than ever (which they brought upon themselves from their ivory Fuckin tower)

Repealing Roe v. Wade.

Cutting funding on reproductive services.

Ban on immigration and travel from "conflict regions".

Repealing Affordable Care Act.

Eradicating the EPA and reversing all efforts made for renewable energy in the US.

These policies will cripple middle class America already riddled w debt, have a devastating impact on the environment, and will divide the nation. And Trump has proven to be the expert showman. So he’ll misdirect Americans expertly by playing the media like a fiddle. So don’t worry, at that point worrying about policing “gender pronouns” will be frivolous - we’ll have much larger problems to worry about.

You will see massive hostile polarization in the next few years. Nov 8 2016 was the day middle America whites decided to take their country back from corrupt politicians and were willing to take a huge bet on it. This was a bet many others didn't have the privilege or power to make. But that my friends, is democracy.

Everyone romanticizes a revolution until it’s staring them in the face.

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