Why You Must Post That Selfie


You gotsta post the selfie. The food pics. The wanky self-help meme. Whatever the hell you want to post.


Because a lot of the time - assuming you're human - you're worried about things. You're trying to change bits of yourself to fit society's mould. Or, you're trying to change bits of yourself so that you break free of society's mould. You're coping with a new job, and old job, a relationship, kid troubles, money issues. Life is messy. It's constant disruption, change, pain and growth.

Through all this chaos that we exist within for (roughly) 80 years, we have simple moments of "hey, there are bits of me that are pretty good!", or "dang, I scrubbed up alright", or "hey, I love the crap out of this!"

Whatever the thing is, you're enjoying it. Right now, you're not worried about your spouse, job, kids, or your home. You're thinking that your butt looks fabulous in those jeans, the fact that your hair is super shiny today, or how that shade of lippy really does look sexy as hell.

Are we are supposed to feel bad about this? Should we avoid ever taking a simple moment to celebrate the trivial things we enjoy?

Post away, I say. Whoever is upset/offended by your meaningless posts, don't have to look at them. It's your page, not theirs. And as a side note, why are they are offended, anyway? It doesn't affect them. If they are under some false belief that it does, well...that's just strange.

Just for you, I have prepared the perfect response for anyone who says "you post too many selfies", or that "no-one wants to see what you had for dinner!"

One word. "Meh".

Can you imagine what an impossible life you'd be living if with every move you made you worried about what other people were thinking? You'd be incapacitated...you'd never leave the house for starters.

Even if you do decide to care about what other people think, those who get upset by the content of your social media accounts are still going to find a reason to be upset. They lurk. Every day, they check out everyone else's social media accounts, and know everything that's happening with everyone. But they barely use their own account.

Because, you know...they're, like, way too cool.

Meanwhile, you have one life. Your glorious ass cheeks won't be so pert for ever. Your delicious dinner is gonna be in your belly. So do it, if that's what you want. As an extra bonus, when you're an old granny with boobs around your ankles, you can look back through your facebook or Instagram account and say "go me, I was the bomb!"

Enjoy the simplicity. Post the selfie.