Will Tea Baggers Revolt at Cuts to Their Benefits?

It is being reported -- as breaking news -- right here at HuffPost (thanks, Sam Stein!) that the "National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform" known better as the "Debt Commission" will recommend big cuts to Social Security and Medicare, plus, tax hikes to 'shore up' those programs.

I am very curious to see how the white, old, rural, male, Southerners (WORMS) that toted their oxygen tanks to the "Tea Party" rallies -- and railed against "big government" -- will react to the prospect of their federal umbilical cords being crimped? For all their bloviating, screaming and rudeness, these low information voters have no idea just how much that "big government" has done and still does for them.

Will they, now, scream and yell about their benefits being cut? Will their Republican handlers tell them "suck it up, sons, ya gotta be tough -- spit on it, rub a little dirt on it, be self-reliant, take personal responsibility" or will the Republicans pander to them?

I am very curious to see!