Women on Boards: A Call to Action with The Guardian’s Deanna Mulligan

The Women’s Forum of New York salutes Deanna Mulligan and Guardian as corporate champions for advancing women on corporate boards and inspiring other companies to follow suit. Deanna Mulligan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Guardian, highlights the facts: S&P 500 companies that have a higher representation of women on their board have better financial performance. “Parity will happen when we make it happen. To get to gender parity by 2025, we need to act now.”

Deanna encourages companies to join the Women’s Forum of New York Breakfast of Corporate Champions to recognize companies that are leading the way and challenging us to accelerate the pace of change. We commend Deanna and Guardian for taking action and speaking out to make gender parity a reality by 2025.

“Today we’re at 20 percent, let’s make that 40 percent by 2025,” Deanna states, “If the people around the table aren’t representing the diversity of the country, then the board has some work to do to get to 40% by 2025.”

To learn more, join us in New York this November for the 2017 Breakfast of Corporate Champions, where we honor companies who are making it happen and hear leading CEOs share why gender balance in the boardroom is just smart business.

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