12/14/2006 04:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

More Evidence That Mearsheimer and Walt Are Largely Right

1) They've sent around a roughly 80-page response to their critics, which is largely compelling even though I am one of the people they refute.

2) This New York Times article quotes no one at all in support of Carter's position, only critics. Since when does the Times write in its news pages about controversies entirely from one side of the controversy, particularly when it's about someone who was president of the United States? I'll tell you since when. It's since he criticizes Israel ...

3) Michael Kinsley is quoted after writing the crappiest column of his career (see previous post).

4) Abe Foxman is quoted with no hint that he seeks to silence anyone at all who is critical of Israel, including Tony Judt, and (here).

Read the whole Altercation here.