07/03/2009 09:03 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Behind the Scenes with Stacy and Clinton

Last week I grabbed my Flip cam and went onto the set of TLC"s "What Not to Wear" to hang out with hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. This season marks the shows seven year anniversary and over 250 people whose (fashion) lives have been changed by the dynamic duo of Stacy and Clinton.

When I arrived in the New York City studios we headed straight for the mirror where many before me have had their fashion critiqued. We spoke about style for the average mom, what fashion rules everyone always screws up, how to dress in this economy, my outfit (okay, but lacked "pop") and more. Step into the mirror with us and watch this video!

After stepping out of the mirror, Stacy and Clinton gave me a tour of the "What Not to Wear" set. They role-played themselves (watch Clinton do the runway walk), spoke about who got a nose job, told us about their high school prom dates, discussed the death of the fashion magazine, and shared their feelings about Twitter (Stacy, Clinton) and Facebook.

In the final video I sat down with the hosts and asked them what happens behind the scenes ("we groom each other"), how candidates are picked, what is the processes for planning their make-over and whether or not people really do have to throw out all their clothing to come on the show.

For show times and more information, check out the WNTW's official web site.