04/05/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Survivor' Star Dies During 'American Healthcare Survivor'

Jennifer Lyon survived 37 out of 39 days on the hit show "Survivor." That's a show where people try to cling to life during the most life-threatening environments. She finished in fourth place. Because she didn't have health insurance she put off screening for cancer after she detected lumps in her breasts. On September 19th she died.

What kind of country are we where a person can survive the most dangerous environments conceivable yet cannot survive the American Health Care System?

We all are contestants on "American Health-Care Survivor." Who always wins?

- Members of Congress with their government-run health-care plan.

- Lobbyists with their Cadillac health insurance policies.

Death Panels DO exist. They are called "Insurance Companies." They decide whom to cover... who lives and who dies. They decide how exceedingly high a co-pay will be... just to dissuade people from using benefits they pay for (so that people put off preventative health measures that save lives like Jennifer's).

Obama needs to call out all Democrats and Blue-Ball Democrats (I mean Blue Dog) and say that they must march in lockstep just like the Republicans. Republicans all vote with the same shared tiny brain. They get crap done. Obama should tell the Democrats that if they don't vote in lockstep for health-care then he'll support candidates running against them next term with Democratic blessings and money.

Can you imagine the Blue-Dogs during the Civil Rights Era? They'd be worried that removing all the "Whites Only" signs would be bad for the Wooden Sign Industry.

Urge your Congressmen to not be on the wrong side of History. Why should the only American Health-Care Survivors be those who fight for the status quo? Vote against Congressmen who vote "no." Cancel the show.