04/09/2014 08:21 am ET Updated Jun 09, 2014

Pressing Pause: A Personal Professional Announcement

Reality is more imaginative than my imagination. This sums up nearly every aspect of my almost six great years as LinkedIn's GC. In August, I will be "pressing pause" and stepping down as LinkedIn's General Counsel. I am incredibly grateful for the privilege of having been part of LinkedIn's foundational team and transformative years, and for the opportunity to work with insanely smart, passionate and committed colleagues on the legal team, as well as the executive team and at LinkedIn generally. I cannot imagine a more exhilarating or rewarding experience than navigating the challenges we have tackled, and the accomplishments we have achieved, together, as we have worked to create economic opportunity for every professional, regardless of whether they are in a developing country, or connected Silicon Valley. I am deeply proud of ensuring our members always come first, and of our achievements -- including our IPO and, more recently, our work for enhanced transparency and our values-based China launch.

Whatever opportunities lie ahead when I'm ready to jump back into the fray after some time off, I'm deeply appreciative for the LinkedIn experience, and forever indebted to my colleagues and friends for building a company that has changed the way the world works.....and for their support, and some great laughs when needed most, along the way. I look forward to helping the team identify LinkedIn's next GC and to ensure a smooth transition. It has been an incredible and indescribable ride, but LinkedIn has only just begun, as I remain as excited as ever about LinkedIn's prospects.

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