02/19/2014 03:25 pm ET Updated Apr 21, 2014

5 Ways to Focus on Your Journey

I hear women whom I consider to be super pretty, ultra smart, and talented, put themselves down and compare themselves to others an a regular basis: "Look at my thighs," "My stomach is so fat," "Look how skinny she is and her baby is only three months old," "I wish I could afford designer clothes like she can." And the sad thing is, these women have every reason to have overflowing self-confidence.

Nearly all of us struggle with feeling fat from time to time, or like we aren't always the best moms, we don't dress fashionably enough, aren't skinny enough, or aren't successful enough. Internally comparing ourselves to other women does nothing but hurt our self-esteem and create negative emotions -- we don't need that in our lives!

When you have beautiful and talented girlfriends, it can be easy to wish you had their abilities, looks, things, or skills. There are women who have amazing figures, no matter what they eat, or who dress impeccably in nothing but gorgeous designer clothes, or who can decorate better than Martha Stewart. Those just might not be your natural gifts or abilities, and you know what, that's okay.

Here are 5 easy ways to focus on your own journey:

1) Make the best of your natural gifts and abilities -- Are you envious of other women because you aren't using your own talents to the fullest? Your confidence will soar when you are taking the time to enhance and use your own unique skills and talents.

2) Take the best care possible of your own looks and body -- Eat well, exercise, put on a little enhancing makeup, and wear flattering clothes. Working out does wonders for body image and energy. And, it's amazing how much prettier you can feel by spending 10 minutes in the morning!

3) Be the best version of yourself -- The way to live your life with the most joy is to simply strive to become the very best version of yourself. Use your God-given talents to make the world a better place, and play up your best physical features. Focus on your own journey and making it as enjoyable, fabulous, fun, and fulfilling as possible!

4) Stop comparing your body or beauty to others -- You are unique and have beautiful features. You might find that you have to work harder than some to stay fit and thin, but maybe your hair is thick and absolutely gorgeous or your smile is show-stopping! Everyone has strengths, and the trick is to play up yours as much as you possibly can. Be kind, confident, and smile a lot, and everyone will be attracted to you no matter what.

5) Appreciate and learn from your friends natural talents -- Try to appreciate and admire others for their natural gifts and talents. Coveting their looks or their possessions will bring you nothing but dissatisfaction with your own life. Do you want to be more fashionable, decorate your home beautifully, or achieve some other measure of success that your friend has? Observe and learn from the best!

How do you avoid self-deprecation and focus on your journey? I want to hear from you!