05/28/2014 04:55 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Eliminate Competition to Authentically Celebrate Successes of Others

There is no such thing as competition. Let me repeat that. There is no such thing as competition.

I fully believed in competition for most of my life. I was a competitive runner. I participated in gymnastics competitions. I helped the engineering firm where I worked for many years win contracts against our competitors. The world makes us believe that it's us versus them and the superior person or company wins.

But it just isn't true.

The person or company will win when they are the best prepared, when it's just their time, or when they are the most ideal fit. There has to be resonance.

What is true is that we must always strive to do our best and perform as well as we possibly can in every moment. Let's be honest, there are some days in which we are better than in others!

We also have to prepare ourselves by constantly learning, growing, and improving; by continually becoming more aligned with our highest self and the divine.

When we are aligned, working hard, and continually growing, that's when the magic starts to happen.

As Abraham says through Ester Hicks in my favorite guided meditation for abundance, "when the success of another makes your heart sing, your resistance is gone, and your own success soars." Make this your new abundance mantra and repeat it daily!

I remember allowing myself to feel minimized and a little crappy about myself when I saw colleagues having breakthroughs and beautiful successes when I first started as an author and entrepreneur. With a pang of envy I wondered, "When it was going to be my turn?" When I authentically and fully practiced what I am teaching here, and completely supported and felt joy for my supposed "competitor's" successes, I finally began to understand that there really is no competition.

We are all here to realize our own highest potential. Some people with resonate with us, and the work we do, while others will not. That's okay!

The key is to continually work toward complete authenticity at which point you will resonate with just the right people. You will win just the right contracts. You will attract the perfect clients for YOU. It's a magical key to happiness and success!

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