Get Your Sh*# Together When Everything Is Falling Apart

"He who does not get fun and enjoyment out of every day... needs to reorganize his life." ― George M. Adams

The other morning was a hilarious train wreck. I started my day with deliberate calm by getting myself completely up and in my workout clothes, applying a little makeup, and spending a good 40-minutes in meditation and prayer. It was going to be a day of flow and ease!

But then my four-year-old, Elena, threw a fit because she wanted her hair to look like Queen Elsa when she is at her coronation, not like Elsa in her ice castle. My girls started fighting about their respective hair-dos and other "important" issues from the movie Frozen, and my blood pressure started rising. To top that dramatic scene off, my little guy had then a stinky diaper to change. Suddenly the clock said 8:12 and my eldest starts school at 8:15. I started yelling, "Get your shoes on! Get in the car!" My mood was quickly shifting from a calm and peaceful to a wild and stormy.

We got in the car and my phone said it was 8:32. What the heck? There was no way it had taken over 15 minutes to get from the house to the garage. Turns out my stove clock had somehow been changed and my second-grader was late for school.

By the time I got one child to elementary school and the other to preschool across town, there wasn't enough time to head to the gym before my meeting at 10:00 a.m. Resigned, I dropped my son off with my nanny and headed to work in my gym clothes to get myself prepped for my 10 o' clock meeting. I hadn't confirmed my 10 o' clock so she didn't know we were having it. But I had it in my calendar! Seriously?!

After a few deep breaths and restraining the desire to throw something across the room, I shed a few tears and reprimanded myself, "Why can't I get my sh*t together?!"

I got myself a fresh cup of coffee and went to grab my mail. Much to my surprise, there was a most stunning gift from one of my clients who has become a dear friend. I had to implement my own teachings on mood shifting. I lit candles, played some beautiful soothing music, and reached out to a close friend. Then...I was feeling empowered and ready to rock my business.

Ever have a day like this? You mustn't feel alone because we all have. For me, there's a sense of camaraderie in knowing I'm not alone that I am so grateful for. I keep re-learning that the important thing to do in these moments of uncontrollable insanity is try everything in my power to turn the tide of frustration and regain control.

I've listed 6 tips for avoiding or rebounding from days like this (and always want to know what works for you!):

1) Review your calendar at night or early in the morning so you have a clear idea of what your day entails. Schedule in 20 minutes before meetings so you can deliberately focus on being prepared and in the right mindset. I like to block out five minutes for meditating and another five for catching up on notes from our last meeting.

2) Do everything in your power to make your mornings flow and start your day right. Prepare your kids clothes the night before and wake up early enough to have yourself ready before everyone else. You will start your day rocking! I like to play fun music in the kitchen to get everyone in a good mood (obviously didn't work this morning but it usually does!)

3) Sleep! The crazy kinds of days are much more frequent when you're exhausted. We had a few friends over for dinner last night and my kids were up a little later than usual, hence the morning meltdowns. I am more prone to meltdowns when I'm tired too. Aren't you?

4) Lean on your friends. After my debacle this morning, I called my dear friend to vent. It felt like confession, just getting off my chest how ridiculous my morning had gone. She helped me see the situation as funny, shared a similar morning from her experiences, and we laughed together. Talk about the ultimate mood shifter! That, combined with the stunning surprise gift that arrived, made me incredibly grateful for my amazing friends and family who give me the strength to rebound after the tough moments.

5) Organize your life. Everything will flow better when our lives are organized. At work, keep your emails, files, and notes in order and under control. Research how the businesswomen you admire keep their businesses organized, and try out their tactics. I keep trying various techniques and technologies, but I've got a system down (another blog coming on that!). The same goes for my home. The only way I can manage my burgeoning business as a single mom is to keep every aspect of my life as orderly as possible. Do what you can, and remember that each day is a chance to start over.

6) Pull yourself together aesthetically. Sounds silly, but it's true. The days when I look disheveled, I experience more internal chaos. The more I feel sharp and put together, the more I am able to become am effective businesswoman and powerful, happy mama. Some days it's as simple as lipstick! Other days require a shower, hair fixing, AND lipstick.

Sometimes we just have days that are more challenging - especially when kids are involved - and we simply need to go with the flow, doing everything in our power to keep calm and in a cheerful mood.

How do you keep your life "put together" and organized? Please share your tips with me and other readers. We're all in this together!