11/21/2014 05:55 pm ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

Make Everything More Fun!

I recently heard a super simple question that has changed the way I approach everything... and that is, "How can I make this more fun?" My friend, Kate Northrup, asked that question during her recent keynote speech at a Hay House event when referring to managing finances, but I've taken that question to all of my daily tasks. When I'm washing the dishes, changing diapers, doing laundry, and even making breakfast, I ask myself the question:

How can I make this more fun?

So when I am washing dishes, I prop up my laptop in the windowsill in front of me and catch up on my favorite video blogs. I sing and make funny faces to make my son laugh while I change his stinky diapers. During breakfast and while getting my kids ready for school, I play soothing classical music which has totally shifted my family's mood in the morning. Sometimes we even listen to Lady Gaga and dance around the kitchen having an absolute blast together!

It's a simple but profound question. Life is meant to be enjoyed; we should derive every last little bit of joy and delight from our experiences. Think about it... how can I make this more fun?

This is a powerful example to set for our children, too. Why shouldn't we make sitting in traffic a fun experience? Turn up the music! Tell jokes! Play car games! And why can't a trip to the doctor's office include a detour for a hot chocolate? Make a little extra time for FUN and you won't just shift your own attitude, you'll shift the mood of others as well.

From the monotonous routine of maintaining a home, to your workouts, parenting, and your work life, this question can be transformational.

How can you make your workouts more fun? Workout with a friend! Try an interesting new workout class. I also recommend listening to music using Spotify or Pandora while running, and podcasts while walking or weight lifting.

How about your work? I have found that working with people you love and on things you are passionate about is surely the way to start but you can take it to the next level by creating a gorgeous work environment. Is your workspace a fun and inspiring place to be creative?

I challenge you to ask yourself this question at every opportunity through the next week and onward. Please let me know if your life becomes more enjoyable -- I would LOVE to hear about your experiences. Sincerely.