08/30/2013 04:03 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2013

Our Biggest Hardships Can Lead to Our Happiest Days

Ever felt beat down by life? We all have difficult life phases where we just can't see anything positive about our situation. I remember the night after returning home from the hospital after losing a pregnancy. I couldn't see an ounce of good. The sadness was so heavy that I literally felt too weighed down to move. Anger would storm through me in pulsing waves when the unfairness of the situation nearly crushed me.

I now look back at that experience as one of the most profoundly transformational times in my life. The searing pain pushed me to make big changes in my life that were desperately needed. I am convinced that without the suffering, I would still be stuck where I was before. It wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't where I was meant to be.

I can now see my story more clearly, and recognize that the greatest thrusts of growth and advancement occurred after the darkest of times.

"As the winds of the storm fortify the roots of a tree, hardship strengthens your spirit." -- Martin Suarez

Are you in a proverbial "dark night of the soul?" Do you feel like hope is fleeting and that your joy is buried too deep? Let me encourage you and offer you so much love. Your best days are right around the corner. The universe is conspiring for your greatest good and the struggles you might be experiencing now will only make you wiser, more compassionate or more complete in some crucial way. You will look back and understand why the pain was necessary to launch you to the next level in your life.

Stay strong and persevere. Don't let the hardships steal your joy or purpose. Experience the sadness, anger or whatever emotions that need to be expressed, then ask for clarity and direction. Take good care of yourself. Be assured that time heals and you can take lessons from your difficulties.

Believe that you can handle anything and that your current troubles will propel you to amazing new heights in your life! You are more resilient than you know and have a deep reservoir of strength. And, as always, I am here for you!

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