02/25/2014 04:36 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2014

Savannah Guthrie's Confession: Inspirational or Damaging?

On The Today Show feature, "Love Your Selfie," Savannah Guthrie bravely confessed, she has cellulite and it bothers her. Because of that, she tries not to wear a bathing suit in public. She said, "That's my gift to America."

(a.) I appreciate her honesty and have bathing suit anxiety, as well... lots of tears in dressing rooms. My mother and I could write a book called, Dressing Room Drama.

(b.) Wish I could have helped her rephrase that statement. Some (maybe most) women will take that to mean, unless they're skinnier than Savannah, they have no business being outside in a suit.

Imagine if she would have said:

"For years, I've been self-conscious of my cellulite, so much that I convinced myself that everyone was looking at ME. I actually believed my presence was appalling. It was my gift to America to shield them from my imperfections.

Then I realized... although I am a powerful woman, it's delusional for me to think I have the power to assault America's view in this way. I'm appreciated for who I am, not my body.

I'm no longer willing to squelch my OWN fun for the sake of others. If my cellulite allows a young girl (or woman) to enjoy the beach or pool, and to play freely with her friends, THAT is the kind of gift I want to give."

The Today Show will be running this series all week. It's bound to provide comfort and camaraderie to the masses, and I applaud their efforts. What troubles me is that American women are trained to only hear statements like Savannah's. The power of her honesty may serve in the opposite way she hoped.

As women, we must be open to the idea that our messages of inspiration are in need of an upgrade. Our words matter greatly and unless we're willing to be challenged in how we communicate, we serve no one but ourselves.