03/20/2013 09:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lassie Reports a Rape

Football is serious in Texas. I'm from a small suburb of Houston, and once a young dude made the football team in high school, he'd made it to the coolest level of cool. The same was true of all of the football players at the five Texas colleges I went to (high-five for not knowing what you're doing when you're 19!). As dumb and wrong-headed as a lot of these guys were, they weren't rapists (as far as I knew). Or maybe I was just lucky to have never been a victim of a drunk 20-year-old guy oozing with an over-inflated ego and a serious lack of empathy. Either way, I never associated rape with sports. But as an adult and "not a sports" fan, rape is all I associate with sports. Well, and I guess now Beyonce, 'cause of that blow-it-out Super Bowl performance.

And the thing I don't get is why in a world where we can carry music on our phones and take pictures of every meal we eat, and girls work with boys and gay people can get married in some places, victims of rape are re-victimized by a society that sweeps hard life problems under the life rug.

My point is... I hate that.

And I work at a place where I can make a statement with jokes and images. So, I made this.