05/29/2007 02:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Attention Whores Unite

Giving up her anti-war protest, Cindy Sheehan is admitting to Mommy Guilt.

"It is so painful to me to know that I bought into this system for so many years, and Casey paid the price for that allegiance. I failed my boy and that hurts the most."

I like to think of Sheehan as one of the most prominent "naptime activists" of our time. Love her or hate her, she grabbed the anti-war cause by the balls and fought only the way a mother can.

So I ask you- what does it say about our country, the state of our world, that a MOTHER is giving up her fight?

Right or wrong, Sheehan obviously believed in ending the war that claimed her son's life. Beaten and belittled she has now retreated.

MOTHERS do NOT retreat. MOTHERS fight to the death. Our world is so very fucked up right now, that MOTHERS have had it and are burying their instinct to fade into the shadows. It truly is the end of the world as we know it-our basic, primal instincts can't take the clusterfuck of this era.

I don't fault Sheehan for giving up, a person can only take so much heartbreak and pain before becoming numb. I do, however, fault the times we live in-the culture, the ignorance, the ability of our government to ram us up the ass and the ability of our people to bend over and take it. Sheehan said it best, "Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives."

I'm sure there are those of you who find Sheehan the worst kind of American. While I don't agree with everything she has done or said, I think she's the BEST kind of American. She took her pain and fought for what she thought was right. Remember my fellow sheep, you can actually DO that in this country. You can also disagree with her and find her tactics and speech disgusting. Amazing, isn't it?

However, there is something terribly wrong when a fellow Mamma Bear, who has lost her cub, is beaten down and beaten back until her instinct to protect is nothing more than a faint dream.

Like Sheehan, I admit to being an attention whore. I'm not ashamed. I'm not apologetic. Unlike Sheehan, I am NOT exhausted. This mother can see where this world is headed, and she's going to point it out and try her best to make others aware.

MOTHERS are giving up, that's where we are at. Take note, take action, and take care.

Erin Kotecki Vest also blogs at Queen of Spain