04/25/2013 02:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Advice From a Third Grader: How to Have a Happy Morning

The Grade 3 class at Bali International School in Bali, Indonesia have been studying happiness and have become little experts on the habits of happiness for children. Today, for other children around the globe, they share their ideas on how to have a happy morning.

(Edited by their official secretary, Ibu Erin Threlfall)


15 Things You Can Do to Have a Happy Morning:

1. Smile
Turn those corners up and just smile! Everyone knows that smiling tells your brain that you are happy, so go on and just smile!

2. Get up to watch the sunrise and listen to the birds.
Sunrises are so pretty, and the birds sound really wonderful. If you can't do this, then look at something that makes you happy and listen to great music. This is sure to make you happy!

3. Get plenty of sleep
Let's be real here: Everyone likes to stay up late and do all kinds of fun things, but sleep is so important if you want to avoid the grumpies. No one likes to be all sleepy in the morning and have your mom and dad yelling for you to get up. So avoid all the grumpies and shouties: Get plenty of rest so you can wake up and be happy!

4. Stretch and exercise
Your blood will get going and your body will feel better. Don't be lazy! Stretch for happiness.

5. Take time to look at nature
Quiet time in the morning is wonderful. Just look out your window and appreciate the trees. Nature always brings a smile to our faces!

6. Play in the garden
Play is fun! Fun=happiness. Enough said.

7. Take a hot shower
Refresh your body and get energized. Hot showers always make me feel great!

8. Enjoy your healthy breakfast
Put those sugary things down! A healthy breakfast is important for your brain. Sugary stuff will just make you feel all yucky later on. So eat a healthy breakfast like fruit and yogurt and you will feel so much happier!

9. Express your gratitude
Tell someone something that you are happy about, or write in your gratitude journal. Starting your day thinking about the good stuff makes you feel good. Then you look for the good stuff all day long so that you have something to share the next day.

10. Make someone else happy
Nothing more to say on this one, it is just awesomeness!

11. Share a good memory with someone while you have your breakfast
Good memories make you so happy! Share away!!

12. Try to make someone else laugh
Be silly! Tell jokes! Tickle your little sister! Just make someone else laugh. Keep the jokes simple, though. Tricky jokes can fail in the morning.

13. Dance!
Put on your favorite song and dance your tooshy off! Dancing=happiness

14. Set yourself up for success: Get organized the night before
There is nothing worse than rushing around in the morning trying to find what you need- that is definitely going to make your morning stressful and make you a grumpus. Just pack your bag, lay out your clothes, and look at your calendar for the next day before you go to bed. An organized morning means less mean mom faces, and that is happiness.

15. Be Awesome
You are awesome, so just be you! If you know that you are awesome, and remind yourself that you are awesome, you are sure to do more awesome things. If you doubt yourself throughout the day, just whisper a little reminder: Don't forget to be awesome. Awesomeness is happiness.

Want more advice on being happy? Just write and ask your question. We will pull our grade 3 minds together to find the answer. You can also like us on our facebook page: Happiness 101:Teaching our Children About Happiness