02/21/2013 08:25 am ET Updated Apr 23, 2013

10 TV Shows to Queue Up on Netflix for Your Next Sick Day

The worst may be over for the 2013 flu season but as someone who just recovered from a bout with the bug, I can report there's still a nasty strain going viral.

However, there's one upside to being stuck in bed for a few days: plenty of time to catch up on your Netflix queue. While Netflix used to be known primarily for its extensive movie collection, today TV viewing accounts for 60 percent of the site's streaming traffic. This includes everything from classic sitcoms (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Ozzie and Harriet), to 21st century classics (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The West Wing), to Netflix original series (House of Cards).

Whatever your tastes, gone are the days when a sick day meant staying home to watch soap operas and daytime talk shows. Here are 10 of our favorite series to binge on next time we have a few hours -- or a few days -- to veg in bed.

What would you add to this list?

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