04/03/2015 01:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Become a Creative Superhero


Everything you need to know about your Creative Superpowers and the kryptonite of Creative Superheroes.

Are you made of that rare mix of creative talent, heart-based entrepreneurship, vision, the will to make a difference, and sheer perseverance?

Say AYE if you

  • ... are able to materialize an invisible idea into a real thing.
  • ... have created a service or product that would not have existed without you.
  • ... are able to be the focal point of a business.
  • ... are visited by a multitude of ideas and light bulb insights at the most unexpected moments.

You are a Creative Superhero. More commonly known as the Creative Entrepreneur.

Maybe you think: "That whole creating thing is nothing special. I do it all the time."

That's because people with creative talents tend to take their creative Superpowers for granted. They find it eerily easy to focus more on the things they cannot do.

Why is that?

Why is a woman with a razor sharp mind, and all the tools to create a beautiful business, afraid to share her ideas with an audience?

Why does a man -- who writes amazing stories, plays the guitar like a pro and is capable of explaining the origin of life to a four-year-old boy -- earns his money as a cabdriver?

Here is why. It's because of the kryptonite!

Without kryptonite, the Superpowers of the Creative Superhero flow effortlessly. Creative Superheroes need to create. They can't help themselves, when in creative flow they work 24/7 without getting tired. They surprise friend and foe with beauty, insights and out-of-the-box solutions.

Don't tell them to think out of the box, because they don't see a box.

It flows, it moves, it loves, it innovates, it flies. It's Creative Superhero!

Until... the Creative Superhero gets into close contact with kryptonite. Whereas Superman's Kryptonite is a greenish rock that weakens his powers. The Creative Superhero's kryptonite is invisible. It is all in the mind.

It starts with a thought: "Is this good enough?"Or with someones reaction: "Are you sure about this?"

And from there it spreads like a nuclear fallout:

"I hate Elizabeth Gilbert, she has written the book I was supposed to write!"

"Why should I be a coach? Everybody is already a coach"

"I also hate Richard Branson. Easy for him to say "Follow your Heart".

"That website? Well it's what I do. Nothing special there."

"Nobody buys my stuff, obviously my ideas are not good enough."

"I love Anish Kapoor's art. But it makes me give up on my own art."

After the kryptonite attack the Creative Superhero steps out of that brightly colored super suit. Curls up on the couch, wearing grey old sweatpants, feeling genuinely sorry for herself (or himself), mourning the loss of her (or his) creative superpowers.

Create, kryptonite attack, suffer on the couch, get up, create again.

Is this something Creative Entrepreneurs simply have to except?


The curling up on the couch, feeling sorry for yourself is pretty time consuming. And it robs an entire audience of fresh ideas and inspiration.

This is how you enforce your Creative Superpowers:

Get to know your creativity and your unique talents. Also get to know your perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, the comparisonitis and self-criticism. Don't wait for 27 years, like I did! They are part of your story. Getting to know them intimately equals getting to know who you are. Once you recognize them, you magically know how to handle them.

The fear of failure is an important element of the Creative Superhero's Kryptonite. Its antidote is playing. Go and play. Make a castle out of lego, draw with closed eyes. Leave a mistake in your text. Run with your arms spread wide open.

Create without reason!
Doodle, draw a silly fake tattoo on your arm, set the table for a family of green dragons. It will open the gate way for a fresh creative flow.

Accept the kryptonite attacks as a part of your Creative Superhero persona. But remember it all happens in your mind. You create your own kryptonite! It is just an unwanted byproduct of your creative talents.

Are you ready to be that amazing Creative Superhero you were born to be?
Put on your magic suit and cape, whole-heartily embrace all your creative Superpowers, stretch out that arm and save the world!

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