03/02/2014 10:35 am ET Updated May 02, 2014

Making Sense of All That Data

Hello World, here comes a great opportunity to understand data from the king of data -- Google.

Data is everywhere and most people have no idea how to use data or are afraid of it. So here is an opportunity that will change all that for anyone who wants to try.

Google is offering a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from March 18 through April 4 (pretty short time!) and after taking this course, you will understand more about the data world we live in and get a certificate of completion that is actually valuable in the job world. The course is appropriately called "Making Sense of Data."

It is for people who want to understand surveys, evaluation data, test scores or observation data. Could be for teachers, for business people, for medical people, for journalists or for anyone in the 21st century who wants to make use of all the data we now have at our fingertips.

A long time teacher in Palo Alto, I am now also a scholar with MediaX at Stanford, a catalyst for industry and academic research partnerships on the impact of information and technology on society, and I am recommending this course for my students and for who to want to understand the role of and the use of data.

The course is self-paced which means you can log on anytime day or night. You will be learning the basics of data organization, the steps of the data process, how to create and use Google Fusion Tables, how to organize and create charts.

Here is the link to register. So check out this course and join the data revolution.