01/31/2015 01:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prologue To My Blog

Photography by Gina Sinotte (

I had a dream I would be conducting interviews for my Huffington Post Blog, a good platform for voices to be heard, with people who've inspired me and who are doing radical things (radical in every sense of the word). So I wrote a manifesto, pondered on it for two months, carried on with my life and with acting, and then began interviewing.

I began these conversations by first interviewing good friends from Carmel, California, the talented members of the Sky Country Band, and have transcribed our conversation for the blog. Their music and the article will be sure to make you smile.

Later I enjoyed a lunch and wine date with my radiant friend and poet, Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmal. Her passionate firecracker energy is contagious. She shared her thoughts about men, life, fashion and her incredible new book of poetry (available in stores and on Amazon), Letters To The Men I Have Loved.

Soon after I had the privilege of interviewing artist Lita Albuquerque in her studio in Santa Monica. She had recently completed an art piece consisting of 200 people, including myself, standing together as the sun set to make the worlds largest arch-- An Elongated Now -- for the Laguna Beach Art and Nature Festival. Our conversation about An Elongated Now, life, the cosmos, the importance of each human being, while I was surrounded by her artwork, was most inspirational and seem to connect to the daily orbit of my life and to all lives on a grand scale.

I'm realizing more and more, after conducting these interviews, that the structure for my blog will be structureless and more random, like a conversation. Not just transcribed and typed and read, but more like an installation piece. For instance, I love the quality of recorded sound and interviews, especially my interview with Lita Albuquerque, so I will attach the recorded conversation, flaws and pauses and turning on heaters and cell phones ringing in the background. I am interested in all aspect of recorded sound: reverberation and vibration traveling through the air and to our ears/bodies, allowing the listener to use imagination to create pictures to the sounds, with all the "noise" as part of a performance that fits into an improvised space.

I will continue to follow my intuition/dreams and will continue to write personal articles as well. Enjoy the conversations to come and please leave your expectations at the door. Mahalo!