12/22/2013 10:08 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

The Top 10 Freedom to Marry Moments in 2013

What a year for the freedom to marry! In 2013 we racked up wins at an unparalleled pace, reflecting and accelerating the momentum we have worked so hard to build over so long. From groundbreaking rulings at the Supreme Court to state victories in nearly every part of the country to historic levels of public support, same-sex couples and their families can share in the freedom to marry more than ever before.

As we look ahead to the remaining years (and yes, I believe it's years, not decades) it will take to finish the job, we will see a new pace and some new challenges, but the Roadmap to Victory national strategy that brought us to this point of progress is the same strategy that will bring it all home. We must continue creating a climate demonstrating that America is ready for marriage, so that when the next case reaches the steps of the Supreme Court, the justices are encouraged to bring the country to national resolution, securing the freedom to marry and full respect for marriage nationwide. The Roadmap strategy says we create that climate by working simultaneously on three tracks -- winning more states, growing the majority of Americans who support marriage, and fully ending federal marriage discrimination.

On all three tracks, Freedom to Marry has set forth targets for building the critical mass needed for victory, including, by the end of 2016: a majority of Americans living in a freedom to marry state (up from 38 percent now), public support at greater than 60 percent (up from 55 percent now), and an end to federal marriage discrimination (fully repealing DOMA and codifying the principle that marriages must be respected across all federal programs, even in states that discriminate). The targets are ambitious, but attainable, if we do the work.

Let's take the next two weeks to savor and celebrate how far we've come -- and then in 2014 let's redouble our work to finish the job. For now, here are the Top 10 Marriage Moments of 2013:

10 Biggest Marriage Moments In 2013