12/15/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Man Did Not Get Pregnant, Stop Lying

There are a plethora of topics that are newsworthy. Topics that people should hear about. I am appalled that topics that should be reported are being forsaken for a mendacious propaganda designed to bamboozle readers and make money.

There are "stories" that are stealing airtime from far more important, pressing, and real topics.

For example, just about every channel is saturated with the pregnant "man."

How simpleminded do you people think we really are? That "man" is not a man. It's a woman.

A woman who underwent various procedures in order to look like a man, sort of like the myriad of porn stars that had various surgical enhancements to make them look more like something they are not. This woman has been injected with enough hormone to allow her to grow a mustache. This woman's egg was then fertilized with sperm and she became pregnant.

We are then lied to and told that a "man" (it must be a man, they tell us, since there is clearly a beard) has become pregnant. Has given birth. Has become pregnant again.

Call me kookie, but has the media lost all sense of honor?

That Donald Trump put up Ms. Hudson's family after their traumatic and horrific experience, that is news. The first woman four star general is news.

A woman who got pregnant, gave birth, and got pregnant again is not news, at least not in the way it is presented, and not to all of us. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for her. It's great news (for her and her family). Congratulations. I hope the both kids are healthy and happy and have a long and prosperous life.

But please don't tell me a man got pregnant. Please stop wasting our time. Stop dumbing us down.

I beseech you to set the example, to raise the bar, to have journalistic standards. There are so many more things that we should be bringing to the attention of the general public.

I would rather know how many civilians have been killed in Iraq since our invasion instead of hearing about a woman (with muscular arms like a man) getting pregnant.

I would rather hear about the battle for Alzheimer's disease and how they need money from me and you for further research instead of a woman (pretending to be a man) getting pregnant.

Hell, I would even rather hear about the new first puppy than about a woman (with a mustache) getting pregnant.

Please don't tell me that a man has gotten pregnant just to get readers to your site.

It's dishonest, ugly journalism, and quite frankly, makes me lose faith in you.

It's condescending and insulting and we are better than that, you have to see that.