11/01/2013 05:46 pm ET

Sifting Through Clutter

News organizations lean right. Or left. Or wade in the vanilla center.

But I just don't know if anything is that simple. I think you have strong right inclinations. And strong left. And even some strong center.

I don't know. Walt Whitman once said:

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

I'm with you, Walt.

There are subjects that I side on the right with (although this risks the connotations associated with the right), and others I'm with the left (I'm more comfortable with these connotations), some I'm with the center. And still others I just can't make up my mind on. I would venture to guess most of us are like that.

So these are stories that interest me. Mostly entertainment stuff, but I suppose there is interesting subject matter outside of showbiz, too.

So I submit this list merely as topics that, should you find yourself in awkward silences at cocktail parties this weekend, may serve as conversation starters.


Remember when Faulkner sued Owen Wilson for stealing his line? Well, it turns out Faulkner lost. Which is probably for the best.

Movie theaters are accusing Netflix of murder. Of their business. Is Netflix taking away the theater experience? The DVD business made the same stink -- and well -- it's gone now.

And speaking Netflix, there are negotiations under way for a possible third season of House of Cards. It really is the golden age of TV.

Also, did you know that the creator of Sons of Anarchy is the same dude who bites his tongue off, gets raped in prison, and yet refuses to turn against his club?

We love Hollywood for all the drama it creates, involves, absorbs. But even behind the scenes, there is juice. Deadline Hollywood is a respectable blog that most folks go to for showbiz news. And it has been synonymous with Nikke Finke. Well, here is a bit of drama between Nikki and DH.

Even Jay Z has drama. Yes, yes, yes, yes, drama. The story is that Barney's pulled a Pretty Woman on two black customers, not buying into the legitimacy of their expensive purchases. And there's all the uproar. And Jay Z has some big partnership with the store for the holidays, and all his fans are protesting his silence, his not pulling out... er... of the partnership. And Jay Z says he only operates on facts and not emotion. He won't pull out just when he feels like it, but when he knows it's the right time.

On a related note... black face? Seriously? In this day and age and in Hollywood?

I hope she has a moat to keep out the bad press. Moat? Yes, moat. It's the new trend in Hollywood, didn't you know?

Wanna know what else you didn't know? That there's a new kid in town in news.

Kimmel at it again. Pissing off the Chinese this time.

I want Entourage on Netflix -- but HBO wants Netflix to charge me $20. Pass. Why can't they play nice like Showtime who just let Netflix have Dexter.


People that are fit -- and therefore often not fat -- usually earn it. They've worked hard for it. They can do more physically than the average person because their heart is in better condition. Their legs. Their arms. Hell, those are the people we want in our Army. Protecting us. Because they are tough and strong. Until now. Fat soldiers turn to liposuction to lose weight. In other words, they don't earn it. Which likely means they are not as strong as we'd like them to be, not as tough, not as fit. I'm not sure I like it.

Banksy. Love or hate his art. But now you get to love or hate him, too.

For this one... I really don't have any words.

And this is not new... but it is freaking me out all over again.