02/18/2015 09:22 am ET Updated Apr 20, 2015

9 Ideas For Your Next Volunteer Travel Experience

A few years back, my wife and I took a six-month trip with our two teenage children where we volunteered our way around the world. Not only was this a much cheaper way to travel, it was far more meaningful and transformative than any hotel-restaurant-museum trip I've ever been on. Working with local projects as part of local communities not only impacts the lives of the people you are helping, but it can also dramatically alter your own life, as I can say from first-hand experience. For anyone hungry to connect, to give back, and to see the world in an entirely new way, here are a few recommendations for your next volunteer travel experience.

By John Marshall

John Marshall is a nine-time Emmy Award-winning writer, producer, and director. In addition to his work behind the camera, Marshall has been a familiar face on Maine television for more than ten years, writing and hosting numerous weekly TV shows. Wide-Open World is his first book.

9 Ideas For Your Next Volunteer Travel Experience

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