03/25/2015 10:30 am ET Updated May 25, 2015

14 Essential Baked Goods Every Baker Should Master

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Thanks to Erin McDowell, baking has never been easier. She is a complete boss in the kitchen, knocking gorgeous pies, towering cakes, and sparkling cookies out of the ballpark.

Erin writes an authoritative recipe, but she's also sweet enough to hold our hands through the scary processes of doughnut-making, bread-kneading, and sugar and candy work. Mastering these techniques breeds confidence, and that in turn enables us to be better bakers and adjust to our own tastes. It's nice to have a friend who will tell you why certain steps should be done a certain way, not just to do to them because she says so. 

Pull out your best apron, find your flour, and temper your eggs: These are the recipes you'll want to integrate into your everyday routine. You never know when you'll be called on to make a cake, cut biscuits, or roll flatbread. From soup to nuts -- er, from tatin to pavlova -- here are 14 of Erin's quintessential recipes:

Angel Food Cake


Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns


Grilled Flatbreads






Tarte Tatin




Buttermilk Biscuits


Custard Pie


Sugar Cookies


Banana Bread


Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread





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