02/26/2012 11:50 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Oscar Drinks, Desserts And (Most Importantly) Dresses

Let's face it: the Oscars aren't really about the movies. The night itself is a spectacle -- a place where our favorite movie stars come out to play, in all of their weird, fabulous, bedazzled glory. Lucky for us, in the last 84 years, these characters have really done it up, providing both the epitome of endearing class and some of the worst outfit choices we've ever seen.

So this year, we're offering you a different way to celebrate Oscar night -- by paying homage to the best and worst of red carpet style. From Audrey to Gwyneth, Barbra to Bjork, here are 12 desserts and drinks to commemorate the reason we all really watch the show: cheering and jeering the evening's fashion choices.

Despite some of the stars' missteps below, we think that the food pairings are all solid 10s. And for even more Oscar snack options, check out our 9 Dazzling Oscar Menus, one for each Best Picture nominee.

Oscars cocktails and dresses