05/10/2011 02:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Recipe Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

What recipe do you want to be remembered for -- by your children (real or hypothetical) or even among friends? It's a heavy question, we know, but a good one -- so with Mother's & Father's Day on our minds, we came up with last week's contest at food52: The Recipe You Want To Be Remembered For. 163 inspiring submissions later, we came up with the two legacy-worthy finalists below.

Check out both recipes, vote for your favorite, and see the other 161 entries here.

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A Bowl of Red by wssmom

Photo: Sarah Shatz

Amanda & Merrill's notes on A Bowl of Red from Food52:

Like barbecue or chocolate chip cookies, chili has inspired many a debate. Connoisseurs know that there are as many versions as there are cooks who make it, but not all chili is created equal. Wssmom's Bowl of Red gives other contenders a run for their money. It's rich and smooth, with a creeping heat from homemade chili paste -- by far the most labor intensive part of the recipe, and it's really not that much work. The addition of a little bittersweet chocolate evokes the suppleness of a good mole, and the delicate beef cubes virtually melt in your mouth. We love that you don't brown the onions or garlic, but just throw them in with the seared meat and the broth to mellow and soften. We highly recommend a spritz of lime juice and a dollop of sour cream to finish it off. - A&M

View the recipe for A Bowl of Red here.

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Sunday Pork Ragu by cookinginvictoria

Photo: Sarah Shatz

Amanda & Merrill's notes on Sunday Pork Ragu from Food52:

We're suckers for an old school ragu that calls for actual bones, and the fact that this is an all-pork sauce really piqued our interest. Cookinginvictoria has composed a Sunday sauce worthy of passing on -- it's uncomplicated, and nothing is done without good reason. She roasts pork bones and both hot and sweet sausage before bathing them in tomatoes and aromatics and then lets everything bubble gently for several hours -- as cookinginvictoria writes, "honestly you cannot cook this sauce too much." The finished sauce is vibrant red, studded with chunks of sausage and flecked with lots of fresh parsley, an herb that is too often employed as a garnish and not for its clean, grassy flavor. You can pluck out the bones before serving, but we preferred to leave them in -- just make sure to warn your eaters! - A&M

View the recipe for Sunday Pork Ragu here.

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