06/25/2015 03:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Happy Hour High Five: The Peach Martini

This peach martini is light and luscious, perfect for the summer season. Drink up, y'all!


I see you in your fancy-person-Friday-night clothes, waltzing up to the bar and ordering your martini shaken, not stirred.

But, have you ever tried to order it shaken AND stirred. You should, because then the bartender thinks you’re a little bit-ok-totally nuts and he gives you the “should I be cutting you off right now?” eyeballs.

So, maybe don’t ask him that. Unless you want to end your night before it even STARTS.

You may have learned by now that my ideas are always terrible life choices and you should NEVER EVER LISTEN TO THEM.

Except when I tell you to shake AND stir this peach martini. But ONLY this one. In the comfort of your own house without the judgey-person-bartender ways. You understand.


If you’re wondering how I know to NEVER EVER SHAKE a martini that involves beverages of the carbonated variety, well…I tried it.

Picture me. Covered in martini. Also add my whole kitchen covered in martini and me possibly maybe downing a few swigs of raspberry vodka in attempt to make myself feel better about the mess I literally am in.

Buuuut, your logical-human brain probably didn’t even wonder why you should shake and stir it. You already figured out the bad things would ensue if you did not. Well aren’t YOU smart.



Do you have “those people in your life?” You know the ones that make you so nervous to invite over because they-so-fancy-they-already-knowwwww and you feel this immense need to be all sorts of impressive, so you serve whiskey raspberry glazed duck breasts, or goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts, and pretend like it’s NO BIG DEAL, and your fancy-face eats food like that ALL the days because you live a classy-person-life LIKE THAT?

Which BASICALLY means that your whole friendship is a lie because you really sit around in your pajamas and eat leftover cheeseburger macaroni every night. Not that I speak from experience.

WELL, this is the kind of martini that you make AFTER they leave, you know, to de-stress. It takes 5 minutes (Holla to your inner-quick-and-easy-recipe-cheeseburger-mac-loving-self!) but it also caters to your fake-fanciness because it’s got fresh, muddle-y peaches. You know, like those swanky adult beverages that you get at bars with dim lighting, so that you can’t see how small the food your order is. Or the price tag associated with the mega-mini-munch.


I know you’ve been to them.

P-L-U-S. They’re sugar free (the rim doesn’t count) filled with skin-glowy-super food raspberries, and made with good-for-you sparkling water

And you just had a rough night of not being yourself with all your entertaining, hospitable-ness. So, you should probably make 2.

Because sparkling water = hydration.

I dunno about you, but I’ll drink to that.

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