01/19/2015 10:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Low-Carb Lasagna With a Curry Twist

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Low carb lasagna with an Indian flavor twist. It's butter chicken, in lasagna form!

Remember that time that we talked about stuffed peppers and my undying love for food mashups?

Well, it happened again.

SorrrNotSorry. CantStopWon’tStop.

Ok, fine. I’ll stop.


And, again, we’ve taken a comfort food and then put it in in one of those black hats that magicians put bunnies in so, POOF, it comes out as a healthy version of what it once was.

Sidenote: No bunnies were used in the making of this lasagna.


The whole idea to “healthify” AND “lasagnaify” comfort food, ALL at the same time, actually originated WAY back at the start of Food Faith Fitness, when I made a zucchini pizza lasagna.

And then I made it one zillion times over because it was num num in BOTH me and the Hubberoni’s tum.

When that happens, you make the same recipe for dinner for about 3.4 weeks. There is no messing around with dual recipe love.

But, after 3.4 weeks of eating the same thing, (I could be slightly exaggerating) there does come a time in life when you need to let the lasagna go.

Or just transform it.

It all started out one Friday night when I was about to surprise my hubs with butter chicken for dinner (his favorite.) I had the sauce simmering away and the house was smelling like maybe I should start munching away at its very walls. Read: it smelled AWESOME.

I skipped (read: walked. Skipping alone is creepy) to my pantry to grab some basmati rice, because you just don’t DO any kind of curry without the stuff.


You know, unless you fail at ALL things life, and don’t actually have any rice.


How a food blogger had no rice, quinoa, lentils, ANYTHING, I will never know. But, it happened.

I may have cried for a few minutes.

Until… I saw my favorite vegetal friends in the fridge. BINGO.


And, you know what? It was a success in a MAJOR sense of the world. My hubberoni? He ate HALF the pan in ONE sitting.

Zucchini: saving surprise date nights and evenly possibly saving marriages, one dinner at a time.

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