10/22/2012 01:58 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

The World's 6 Scariest Restaurants

Dinner in the Sky

The cult of extreme eating -- be it a dinner date with KFC's Double Down or following the path of Andrew Zimmern -- has become surprisingly mainstream. While most Americans are not snacking on fried Cambodian tarantulas, they are increasingly aware of such daredevil dining habits.

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Yet some of the world's most frightening culinary experiences have entirely normal menus. Instead, the restaurants themselves provide the fear factor.

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Consider Dans Le Noir. Already an institution of terror in Paris, Barcelona and St. Petersburg, the dining-in-total-darkness restaurant recently debuted a branch in Manhattan's Times Square, giving New Yorkers the chance to stumble through three mysterious courses alongside 70 unseen strangers in a pitch-black space.

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Our guide takes you into the Midtown madness and beyond. Those with a strong constitution and solid game face might consider booking a table at a haunted Southern mansion, in an Italian prison or 150 feet above city traffic. With Halloween coming up next week, what better time to take a look at the world's scariest restaurants?

The World's 6 Scariest Restaurants

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