06/02/2014 12:33 pm ET Updated Aug 02, 2014

The Good Company She Kept

If it's true that in life we are known by the company we keep, why not expand that company after death? Especially if you've kept remarkably good company.

Jo Sonn, who died recently after a lengthy battle with an illness attributed to breast cancer, kept extraordinary company throughout her 65 years. It was the eclectic company of people who were creative, funky, energetic, progressive, smart, usually not very rich, but peace-loving, earth-saving and world-changing.

Sonn's obituary briefly documented the wildly disparate areas in which she worked, usually making unique and significant contributions. And at the end, readers were invited to visit the website if they'd like to contribute, in her name, to the causes she specified.

If you did not have the good fortune to know Jo Sonn, here is an introduction to her life and legacy, through an assortment of nonprofits she would like you to know. The list includes:

Doctors Without Borders

Global Fund for Women

Guttmacher Institute

International Rescue Committee, Inc.

Natural Resources Defense Council

Oceana, Inc.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

San Francisco Food Bank

Trust for Public Land

University of California San Francisco Foundation

More than a list, this is a statement of beliefs and an expression of hope for the future. We should all keep company with the likes of the above.

Jo Sonn is survived by her husband, John Stokes, her sister, Judy Arkes, and the good works of the company she kept.