01/06/2013 10:22 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2013

Urgent Plea to Wavering Democratic Senators

Without a reform of the filibuster, many of us will give up completely on the Senate and the Democratic party. There is nothing right now more important, because everything else depends on it. As far as Democrats facing the loss of this hideous power to obstruct and destroy the Senate when we are out of power, we should not worry about that. The Republicans are increasingly a minority party. In fact, it would be a dead party now if the chimera of bipartisanship hadn't led the president to restore its legitimacy after the calamity of George W. Bush's two terms.

Saving the Republican party is Obama's most astonishing and successful bail-out. When people understand the horror of Republican policies -- when Republicans crawl out from under their rocks to exercise legislative power -- the people see them in the light and soon vote them out of office, as happened both with Gingrich and the Tea Party fanatics. Trust the people. Reform the filibuster and then set about restoring the democracy and saving the planet: you can't do either with the metastasized filibuster as it now exists.