08/02/2012 12:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 and Launch in Support of D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray

A group of D.C. residents
have launched a website in support of D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray. The group, made up of D.C. residents from diverse backgrounds, started the website because many of them believe Mayor Vincent Gray has been getting a lot of unjust, negative publicity.

On July 18, 2012 a Press Conference in support of the Mayor was hosted in front of the Wilson Building.  Many supporters at the Press Conference spoke in favor of the good work the mayor is doing to move the city forward and expressed their dissatisfaction with the recent calling by three D.C. Councilmembers for the mayor's resignation.

The group, identified as Citizens for Gray, has put in place a petition at asking for D.C. residents to stand behind the mayor because of all the good work the mayor is doing for the city.  They cite the recent lower unemployment numbers in D.C. as a result the mayor's One City One Hire program, and the mayor's continue push for D.C. to become a state, including his arrest for the cause in April 2011, as examples of the good work the mayor is doing in the city. 

Many members of the group believe that the media is focusing mainly on negative reporting of the Gray Administration, and at times distorting information.  Many feel that the recent reporting about allegations of a shadow campaign has been one-sided, and this has led many to jump to a conclusion without knowing the facts and allowing an ongoing investigation to conclude.  "We believe certain media outlets are trying to use their influence to persuade the people of this city to be anti-Gray," said the group's contact person David Donaldson, a resident of Ward 3. "This needs to be a balanced discussion," concluded Mr. Donaldson.  "What we are saying is that we believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty, and that is one of the main premises for us to unite in this effort," said Julia Lara, Vice President of the D.C. Latino Caucus.  Community activist and ANC Commissioner Keith Silver believes that Mayor Vincent Gray's life-long contribution and service to the people of Washington D.C., particularly his work in non-profit organizations and on the D.C. Council, have earned the mayor the patience of the people.

With this website in place, the group hopes to bring awareness that Mayor Vincent Gray is recognized as a good leader, and that many of his supporters have until now been silenced.

In addition to a website,, and the petition, they have also set up a
Facebook Page, which they hope a lot of supporters will "like."