12/11/2013 09:39 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2014

Racism -- 'I Know It When I See It'

My morning email contained another absurd smear campaign against Obama.

This one began with: "Just look at the paraphernalia this pompous ass (Obama) carries into a school to speak to small children." The email came from a man who complained that Obama uses a teleprompter and Bush 43 did not speak from prepared remarks. Obviously, it brought back memories of those years that generated the following response...

Kindest Sir... If you insist on comparing these two presidents, please, let's do it.

I would much rather have a structured president reading from a teleprompter than watching a president stumble over his words and actions for two terms in office.

I doubt that President Obama would ever ask, "Is your children learning?" and make so many errors during speeches that even other Republicans were embarrassed about it.

I doubt that President Obama would mispronounce "nuclear," over and over for two terms in office...

Next, I doubt that President Obama would sit in a classroom looking bewildered for six or seven minutes without saying anything after our country was attacked.

I doubt that President Obama would chase a terrorist for years but never catch him.

I doubt President Obama would allow his FEMA director to trap thousands of people in a dome stadium for a week after a hurricane and let them suffer and die like animals. It certainly did not happen after Hurricane Sandy, did it?

I doubt that President Obama would attack the wrong country and create a decades-long war.

I doubt that President Obama will leave America in the worst financial mess in 50 years.

Do I think Obama has been a perfect president? The answer is no. The purge of our freedoms that began with 9/11 are turning America into a police state and the Obama administration has allowed it to worsen.

Don't even get me started on the Supreme Court. The four republicans (all Bush family appointments) who decided that corporations are people tortured logic to the extreme and all their decision accomplished was to increase the size of the cash register at the whorehouse of bribery that Washington politics has become.

Moreover, to compare these two presidents and to suggest that Bush 43, the worst president in my 65 years of life, was preferable to Obama is simply ludicrous.

At some point, it becomes obvious that much of the criticism about President Obama is about the color of his skin, and nothing else!

I grew up attending a segregated school in a town of "whites only" drinking fountains, eating establishments, restrooms and even the movie theater.

Like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about obscenity in 1964, "I know it when I see it."