12/17/2013 10:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rein in Your Creativity: 5 Productivity Tools for Designers


By Anneke Steenkamp

Creativity can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you manage it. Very often individuals working in creative fields come up with spectacular ideas, but don't have the discipline or tools to implement them. Productivity relies on finding simple methods to complete tasks. Here are some of the best tools for designers to help reach their creative potential:


When working with a group of designers, it's handy to have a tool that can simplify the screen shot process. PrtScr is one of those helpful screen capture and annotation tools and its stylish interface and user-friendly function sets them apart from the competition.  PrtScr has a variety of functions aiding the capturing process, allowing you to make captions and scale images. Plus, this productivity tool is free!


If a lack of time management is your downfall, Pomodairo will be your saving grace. Pomodairo is a timer and task management tool based on the Pomodoro timing method similar to that of a cooking timer. The app serves as a Pomodoro timer set with 25 minute productivity intervals. You can choose whether you want the tell-tale "tick tock" sound or just an alarm after 25 minutes.

This tool helps you to identify interruptions during your working intervals influencing your productivity so that you could take these factors into consideration when planning your daily tasks. This application also allows for short breaks in between these works session. Use Pomodairo for your design project by dividing your tasks into small sessions of 25 minutes each.


Design is nothing without sharing your skills and expertise. Invisionapp gives you the chance to share mockups and demos through their various design phases with your fellow designers or colleagues. The Invision App is a next generation creative sharing tool where you could even link up sketches, wireframes and innovative designs.

This is ideal for designers trying to juggle various tasks at once and keep track of all the changes and developments made.


Evernote can really boost your productivity if you know how to make the most of this application. One of the worst habits of creatives is getting lost in the information overload of their craft. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, they browse through tutorials, websites, articles and watch videos as a part of their procrastination. Evernote will help eliminate the temptation of having to read every article and follow every link by "saving it for later."

Evernote allows you to save pieces of inspiration by labeling them with particular tags. By installing the Evernote to your toolbar you will be able to 'bookmark' these pages, snippets or URLs by clicking the Evernote elephant icon. Bring some structure to your chaos by using Evernote as your online journal.


CCleaner  cleans up all the cluster and junk that accumulates on your PC. Through this clean-up service your will be able to be more productive purely because your computer will be smoother and faster once it's "clean" and organized.

Being a master of your craft can be tricky. Make use of these web applications and tools to simplify your work methods and keep you on track.