04/01/2015 11:18 am ET Updated Jun 01, 2015

How to Manifest the Business You Want

Manifesting, to many, is just another new age buzzword. But, as soft as it sounds, it's actually quite a powerful business tool. There are a million ways to start and grow a business, but if you aren't clear on what you want, it's easy to get off track. We aren't talking about business plans or spreadsheets, though these have a time and place. Manifesting is about getting at something far more intuitive and visionary. To make it work for you, it's important to:

Be clear: When we started our agency, we may not have known what we were doing, but we were crystal clear on what we wanted. We thought about things that were important to us outside of work, and what we valued most in our lives overall. We also dug into what we had loved and hated about our former jobs and the culture of the organizations in which we had worked. Then we started envisioning a place where are personal selves and our work selves could spend the day together, where there was lots of laughter and creativity and no annoying politics, and where we did not have to go against our guts to support a vision we didn't believe in. Fourteen years later, these continue to be the principles by which our company operates now. Having a vision, knowing your guardrails and what you are marching towards is vital to it becoming a reality.

Let the right ones in: If two people with the same vision can help make a dream a reality, what about twenty, or thirty or fifty? Before we even had one employee we knew that our people would be our greatest asset and we set about, creating an environment that would attract a like-minded group of talented souls who eschewed politics in favor of doing great work, who challenged themselves personally, but always had each other's backs, and we committed to letting each of them grow at their own pace. To manifest a vision for the future you need your whole team dreaming and believing in that future together and in order to do that they need to feel they are an essential and critical part of the mix.

Create simple rituals: As such big believers in manifestation, we like to encourage our team to set intentions for their own lives, both professionally and personally, individually and as teams. At our agency this comes to life through an ongoing practice we developed called "The Sticky Religion" -- a vision board placed within the office where team members can contribute "intention" sticky notes, which can be added to and revisited frequently.

Define your work ideals: Many companies think about the clients they want to work with in basic terms -- a car brand, a financial services company, a technology leader. We like to go a level deeper and envision the kinds of people we want to work with, the types of assignments we'd find most interesting and areas of particular passion for our teams. It is truly amazing how the simple act of articulating this vision and committing it to paper starts to bear fruit. The phone rings from a contact you haven't heard from in two years who has an exciting new opportunity. A client thinks of you for a new project that challenges your team in a different way. You turn down an assignment that is not a good fit without guilt or remorse. We are not suggesting this is the only new business tool you use, but it's a damn powerful filter for deciding what to pursue and what to let go.

Manifestation is not aimless dreaming. It takes clarity, purpose and intention, but when you really commit to it, you'll find yourself spending your days building and enjoying the kind of business you really want.