01/22/2016 10:45 am ET Updated Jan 22, 2017

The Surprising Connection Between Happiness and Kindness

RyanKing999 via Getty Images

I'm a pretty happy person.

People are always asking me why I'm so goofy all the time, and I truly believe this is my secret: You can't show kindness without feeling happier and lighter in your mind and body as a result.

I can even prove it!

When you receive a kindness from another, how does that make you feel?

My guess is your day feels brighter, you feel less alone in the world, and you feel sturdier on the inside because that one deed has given you an emotional buffer against life's annoyances.

Now imagine giving all those good feelings to someone else through your purposeful act of kindness. That's something to be proud of. I'd be proud of you for doing something like that. I'm proud of myself when I'm the cause of someone having a better day!

I dare you to show someone a kindness and not feel happier yourself! Studies have proven there is a correlation between the action of kindness and the emotion of happiness.

When you sprinkle a little bit of happiness on someone else's day through a kind deed, you can't help but get that happiness on yourself too.

The child who waves from the car in front of you...

The cashier who is friendly to you after you have been alone during the Christmas holidays...

The friend who calls you in your hour of need to cheer you up...

All of these things bring happiness, but these acts are the result of another person's purposeful kindness.

May I leave you with one last thought?

We all love to be the recipient of kindness -- whether food, gifts, or money -- but we hesitate when it comes to giving it. However, kindness is the only free thing we have to give.

When you feel like your happiness level could use a boost, I challenge you to try this out. Tell me how it goes!