08/01/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Call to Greatness

Our world today seems to be changing at an exponential rate. Even things that used to be predictable and stable are being redefined. Beliefs and perceived truths seem to be in transformation too.

With great shifts come great opportunities, but often it's accompanied by fear as well. When our exterior world is changing so rapidly, it can sometimes shake our inner world as well. It seems for many of us that what can be shaken is being shaken as the illusions of our world are falling around us.

This shift is being felt beyond just the economy and financial realms; it's happening internally and spiritually too. Many are reevaluating our lives and are going deeper inside to remember what's most important to us, but also who we are.

We're being offered an individual and collective window of opportunity for reevaluation -- a time to re-prioritize what's important and let go of the rest. This is also the perfect time to remember that we are magnificent!

This is the time to listen within and douse the voices of the naysayers, those that haven't done what you're trying to accomplish, or those who never will. You are the only one who knows the dream in your heart. Don't listen to the voice in your head that doubts the passion of your heart. Believe in your heart even when your head tries to convince you otherwise.

Your passion was put there for a reason. Honor it. Treasure it. Listen to it! Follow where it leads you.

The road may be a new trail and the path may appear bumpy. You might be scared and even feel afraid, but you know deep in your heart that the fear isn't real. It's just your mind being wary of the unknown and playing survival tricks for you.

That voice of fear may come in handy if a tiger is chasing you, but not today. Today is the day for the dreamer in you to surface. So wake up your inner dreamer. Give your inner dreamer permission to shout its message to you and shine!

If you're frightened, listen to the voice of the dreamer, for when the passion is louder than the fear, you'll succeed. You can do this. You've done things scarier than this before and you've lived through those experiences too. So go for it!

Walk right on up to that ledge, stand on the edge and look down at your knees knocking, your whole body trembling, and don't mistake the excitement and anticipation of your experience for fear of the unknown. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your body, and then, when your rational mind least expects it, jump! Leap into the unknown knowing that it's the only way for you to achieve your dream. Jump into your future. The ledge is no place for dreamers. You were born to fly. Jump and let those shiny wings of yours do what they were made to do -- embrace the adventure called life and soar!

From where I'm standing I can see your wings just waiting to unfold into the glory of who you really are, trying to break out of the confines your mind has placed around them. I know without a doubt that you can fly! If you don't believe in yourself yet, allow me to believe in you until you see it for yourself. That's what we're here for -- to believe in and support one another.

Part of this global shift we're experiencing is a movement from "Me" to "We". With the advancement of technology we have the ability to reach out to one another like never before. The beauty of this connection is that we now know it isn't necessary to reinvent the wheel, and instead, we can learn from one another. We don't have to navigate through life's challenges alone anymore. We can be there for one another like never before.

My fellow Huffington Post blogger, Dr. Cara Barker, is a versatile, talented, skilled, intuitive, compassionate trainer and coach. Whether it's showing people how to dance at the supermarket checkout or touching hearts through her paintings, Cara is always teaching how to live in love, not fear.

As Cara recommends, "Release all that holds you hostage, stale. Laugh much more. Find new friends in strangers, and the unfamiliar in the familiar. Celebrate your roots, and your chosen kin. Assume the best. Stand up in the full authority of who you really are, and that Greater Intelligence that Called you here. Waste no more time in hesitation and striving for perfection. Life is too short to miss the dance."

You were born to soar with the eagles. Just dip a little to the left, bank through that turn and whoa, watch out for that thermal. This breeze up here is strong and sometimes unpredictable, but together, we can handle it. Just remember, it's your dream, your greatness and you were born to fly!

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