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4 Places to Romp Outside the Bedroom

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By Katie Parsons, Contributor for

Though having sex is one of nature's strongest instincts, it is often put at the bottom of the priority list. A University Chicago study of married couples found that just 32 percent said they had sex at least a few times per week. The usual reasons contributed to this low number -- including conflicting career pressures and the demands of raising a family.

Couples don't need a getaway to crank up their sex lives, though. Take a look at these four places in your own home to have sex that may not have crossed your mind:

The Office

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 10 percent of the working population works from home at least one day per week. While this flexibility is great for workers, parents especially, it can further blur the lines of your personal and business lives. Put the sexy back into your home office space by spicing it up in the off hours -- or even on your lunch break. If your desk is too cluttered for comfort, use your desk chair. Even standing or lying on the floor will raise the level of adventure in your sex session and make you and your partner feel very naughty in the workplace.

The Laundry Room

Let's face it -- laundry/utility rooms are probably the most boring rooms in the home. You and your partner likely don't spend a lot of time in yours unless you have to be there cleaning or ironing. Use the mundane nature of these rooms to ignite some passion -- particularly in the moment when it is least expected. Use the good vibrations of the washing machine or the heat from the dryer to kick up the intensity of your love-making.

The Backyard

The opportunities for recharging your sex life using the outdoor features of your home are really endless. Consider the following places: pool, hot tub, patio chair, patio table, garage cabinets/shelving or storage units. You can even just lay down on a blanket under the stars and pretend you are holding each other somewhere much more exotic. Having sex outside crosses the line between private and public exposure, heightening the feeling of danger in the experience -- and boosting adrenaline.

The Stairs

It may not sound like the most comfortable spot but the stairs provide many angles for sexual experiences. Take turns sitting on the steps or try standing positions with support from the railing. The memory alone can be a turn-on later in the day or night.

Where have you had sex in your home outside the bedroom?

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